Welcome to the world of Erda's!

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Welcome to the world of Erda's!

Post by Essix the Fallen (Side) on Fri Jan 22, 2016 4:23 pm

Welcome to Erdas! here we will show you the lands in this world and tell you what animals you will find, the landmarks and towns, and also what the terrain is like. We will start with Amaya.

Amaya (also known as the Americans) is a country located in the west of Erdas. It's well known for it's willow extract, an important medicine. The flag is yellow with a falcon in mid-flight on it. A Prime Minister and the government is in charge of the country. Amaya is very snowy, but parts of it are lush green jungle. The country seems similar to both North and South America (it is also called the 'New Lands', just like the Americas.)
Here are some landmarks and towns you will find here in Amaya.

Concorba is an Amayan port which the great hero Rollan grew up in. It is similar in culture, as well as geographical location, to Concord, Massachusetts.

Boulder City is a small town in Amaya that is surrounded by giant mountains, green fields, and forests.

Sunset Tower is a location that the hero's travel to in the book Wild Born.

The Sipimiss River is a river in Amaya, near Concorba.

Clarobo is an Amayan city. Shane temporarily stayed here in the third Book of Shane, and it was revealed that the Conquerors originally planned to invade the town.

Here are the animals you may find in Amaya.
.Gila Monster

Now i will tell you about Eura (Europe) and also the towns and landmarks.

Eura has many moors and grassy hills, and is home to many shepherds. Eura's patron beast is Briggan the wolf, and it is also ruled by a queen. It appears to resemble Europe, most noticeably The United Kingdom and Scandinavia. It is bordered to the east by Zhong, and Greenhaven is also sometimes considered a part of Eura.

Unlike Zhong, Eura's nectar ceremonies have the most important summoner go first. There is also a holiday celebration in Eura called the Spring Festival.

Trunswick is where Conor is originally from. There is probably a lot of land here, as Conor (the hero who summoned Briggan)  lived on a farm before he became a servant to Devin. In and after Hunted, it is under Conqueror control.

Glengavin is a small town in northern Eura. In the middle of The Evertree, it is mentioned to have been overrun by Conquerors. But now that the Conquerors have surrendered, it is possible that they have left Glengavin.

Samis is a town near the southern edges of Arctica.

The Petral Mountains are a mountain range between Eura and Zhong. It is uninhabited, as no humans have lived there in a long time.

Here are animals you may find in Eura.
.Black Wildcat

Now, we will continue this by explaining the land of Zhong (Asia).

Zhong is a place that resembles Asia in appearance as well as culture. It is ruled by an emperor. Zhong is based off of many Asian countries, most noticeably China. It could also be based off of India as well, as Dinesh and Kusha are both Indian names. It is a big region with many villages scattered about the land. The Zhongese people call the Nectar Ceremony the 'Bonding Day celebration', and unlike Eura, the most important summoner goes last to increase the chance of getting a spirit animal. Meilin (Summoner of Jhi) and her father are from here. There is a wall in Zhong, most likely to represent The Great Wall of China. The patron beast is a panda named Jhi, one of the Four Fallen.

Jano Rion is a city in Zhong. It is the city where Meilin was born.

Jano Rion is located in Zhong, which is similar to Asia. Jano Rion would appear to specifically resemble China, because it is surrounded by a great stone wall that protects it, being a well known Zhongese city.

Shar Liwao is a shipping port/city in Zhong.

Xin Kao Dai is a Zhongese harbor. The hero's stayed here temporarily in Blood Ties.

The Great Bamboo Maze is several miles long and wide. It is one of the famous landmarks of Zhong, along with the Great Wall of Jano Rion. It is located somewhere around Pharsit Nang and Xin Kao Dai. Meilin travels across it in book three Blood Ties, to try and find her father. Every million years it is told that the maze will grow flowers, and when the flowers fall the maze starts to die. Meilin notices this on her 5th day in the maze, along with rats at night eating the flowers that fell. Then Meilin finds Xue, who shares a warm meal with her and tells her she entered the wrong end of the maze and got lost. After a week or so Meilin reaches the end of the maze when she listens and lets Jhi help her through the maze. This maze probably resembles the the bamboo forest in Asia, however this maze has no mentioned wild life inside. It is also told that no one else had survived through the maze.

Pharsit Nang is the Zhongese temple where Dinesh and his worshippers live.

The lake of the Elephant is the place where Dinesh lives. He resides on an island in the centre of the lake in a stone pyramid. The pyramid is also inhabited by Elephant Priests. To get to the island, you must press a carving of a boat which releases an actual boat. Then you sail to the island ( Unless a small Conqueror V Greencloak war happens on the way.)

The Petral Mountains are a mountain range between Eura and Zhong. It is uninhabited, as no humans have lived there in a long time.

Here are the animals you may find here in Zhong.
.Black Bear
.Sika Deer
.Pied Starling
.Whip Snake

We now jump to Nilo (Africa).

Nilo is a continent located in southern Erdas. It is similar to Africa.
Nilo has a savanna environment, and is similar to the continent of Africa. Zebras, wildebeest, hyena, and big cats live here. Water is scarce, and so is the food. Houses are made from mud, animal skins, and thatched roofs. Nilo is known for its coffee.

Okaihee is a place in Nilo where Abeke comes from.

The Evertree is a huge tree located in Nilo, the heart of Erdas. Without the Tree, great evil would strike. The enemy Conquerors damaged the Evertree in the first Devourer war, and it hurt the human animal bonds. It connects the human and animal bonds. It is also the name of the seventh book.
The Evertree is a massive tree that has silver bark, and golden leaves. It resides in Nilo, the first land in all of Erdas. "She" is the mother of all life: Great Beasts and their talismans, plant-life, animals and humans, and the bonding process. At the end of the first series, the original Evertree died after all of the Great Beasts sacrificed themselves, but after it's death it left a new seedling. Lenori currently has the job of watching over the new tree. It is sick.

The Kwangani River is a river in Nilo. It is near Uraza's former territory/hunting grounds.

The Red Orchard is a orchard deep in Uraza's hunting grounds in Nilo. It was where Uraza kept her talisman until Samilia and the Conquerors found it.

Dakami is a Niloan village. Tembo's friends and allies lived here.

Port Tantego is a Niloan port that was mentioned to have been getting a shipment of Conqueror siege weapons.

Kalindi is a Niloan city that had been fighting off Conquerors.

Here are the animals you may find in Zhong.

Lets now go to Stetriol.

Stetriol (pronounced stet-tree-ole) is a continent located in the far south-east of Erdas. It is where the Conquerors originate from. It is ruled by a king.
Stetriol is based on Australia[1], but however, Komodo Dragons originate from here as well, and on Earth are only found in Indonesia; Most likely, Stetriol is these two places together. It is known to be where The Devourer was born as well as most of the Conquerors, including General Gar, Drina, Shane, and Feliandor. It was described as a terrible to place to live, due to its arid deserts, the soil's inability to grow plant life properly, and low supply of natural resources that humans need to survive.

Muttering Rock is located in an arid, deserted area in Stetriol. It is where Kovo was imprisoned by Tellun. Each side of the rock is a sheer cliff face with no handholds; the top is scorched by the sun at 200 degrees (or so).

The Red Mountains is a mountain range in Stetriol. It's tallest mountain is Mount Crimson, and Lord Griswald was famous for being the first one to reach the peak.

Here are animals you may find in Stetriol.
.Saltwater Crocodile
.Komodo Dragon (Starter in the game)
.Many types of Spiders (Such as Drina's Iskos)

We are now at the last 2, we will begin with Oceanus.

Oceanus is one of the Lost Lands of Erdas (a home to the Conquerors). It is a form of Oceania (mainly New Zealand, as stated by Tui T. Sutherland) and Hawaii. The Hundred Isles is located there. It is also home to Mulop the Octopus, and is the main setting of Against the Tide. It has a lot of beaches there, and tropical islands.

Nightshade Island is an island located in the Hundred Isles. Feliandor took the Bile there and became the first Devourer, making the island cursed and dangerous to the Hundred Islanders. It also became covered in fog, making it almost impossible to find. Meilin, Rollan, and Tarik travel to the island to find the two conches that will lead them to Mulop, but while they are there, the curse on the island tampers with their spirit animal bonds, and Rollan has a dream about Feliandor that reveals why the island was cursed. When the three return from getting the conches, Kalani avoids them because of the curse, thinking that they are cursed also ('tapu').

Sunlight Island is an island in the Hundred Isles. It was being used as a Conqueror base as of Against the Tide, and was where the White Conch was located.

Here are animals you may find in Oceanus.
.Killer Whale

Last but not least, Arctica.

Arctica is the second of the Lost Lands; it is located in the Northernmost part of Erdas.
Arctica is similar to Antarctica, or a tundra. The Ardu are people who live there, and only people that summon spirit animals are able to survive in the Northern part (the coldest part) of the continent.

Here are animals you may find here in Arctica.
.Polar bear

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