Plot of the site.

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Plot of the site.

Post by Uraza The Fallen (Main) on Sat Jan 23, 2016 10:48 am

I made this RPG because i am very fond of Spirit Animals, i might only have 2 books but my teachers let me borrow their books and read them so i think i'm perfectly fine ^.^

The plot of the RP is you live in Erdas and it is the day you turn 11. Some kids here in Erdas have summond spirit animals, the latest children to summon one were a girl named Sakura and a boy named Sasuke. These two children are now heavily praised and well known because of one misfortune, they both summoned a fallen beast. The girl, Sakura, summoned the mighty Uraza, and the boy, Sasuke, summond the stubborn but strong Essix. Now, it's your turn to summon a spirit animal, can you do it? or will you never have one in your life. 

(If you have a better plot please send me a message to tell me one and we can work it out!) 
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